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I recently was gifted a piece of property (vacation cabin)

Customer Question

I recently was gifted a piece of property (vacation cabin) in Franklin County, Maine. I need to determine and print a record of what the taxes were on the property last year (2011) and I have no idea where/how to find them? Unfortunately, the previous owner can provide me only with the amount they paid but I need to show proof to a bank in order to receive approval on a loan. I did an online search and I can only find access to the Registry of Deeds in Franklin Country but I am not sure this place will have the information I need? I need documentation of the taxes paid on the property ASAP. Any/all advice would be helpful - thank you!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  R. Klein, EA replied 5 years ago.

Randalltax :

Thanks for asking today.

Randalltax :

You will need to contact the Franklin County Treasurer's Office.

Randalltax :

There is a separation of appraisal process versus the payment of taxes. The Registry of Deeds is merely the "file cabinet" for the county.

Randalltax :

The Treasurer's office collects taxes and can provide proof of payments.

Expert:  Anne replied 5 years ago.

Different expert here.

My colleague had the right idea, but the wrong state. His link takes you to Franklin County OH.You're looking for this:

Franklin County
140 Main St
Farmington, ME 04938

Telephone:(NNN) NNN-NNNNbr/> Fax:(NNN) NNN-NNNN/p>

Web Site:

I generally call for this information. First, its public information, so there's no privacy issues about only wanting to talk to the owner, etc

.Second,( and more important), if you do need to call the Treasurer, (which wasn't listed) they will give you the correct phone number

.I hope this helps.

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