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I have decided to pursue a career in golf. For me to do that

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I have decided to pursue a career in golf. For me to do that I will need to practice and play religiously for the foreseeable future, so that I can get my skill to a point where I can qualify for a Professional Golf Management degree program at a university. My question is during this journey will my golf expenses be considered a tax write off at the end of the year? Would it make a difference if I were able to get a job at a golf course in the interim until I can get into the university?
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Expenses for prepping for a NEW career are not tax deductible. If you were already a professional golfer and you wanted to take courses to become a pro golf instructor, etc., then certain expenses would be tax deductible. SEE BELOW:


Work-related education - You can deduct the cost of education that maintains or improves the skills required by your CURRENT job, or is required by your employer. Deductible expenses include amounts paid for:


You CAN'T deduct expenses if:

The course isn't related to your job or qualifies you for a new trade or profession.

You're required to take classes to meet the minimum educational requirements in effect when you first got the job.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance to you regarding this matter.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So, I would have to be member of the Professional Golfers Association to get the deductions, or just working in the golf industry? I ask because there are apprenticeship programs that one can get into through working at a golf course.
Hello again,

A little bit more than that. Your current profession needs to be that of a Pro Golfer, just being a member of the association does not qualify you as a pro golfer. Golfing has to be your current profession in order for certain expenses to be deductible.
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Thank you for the accept. Remember, the ball position, your grip, your stance, and keep your eye on the ball, but I'm sure that you already know this. Good luck to you.