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R. Klein, EA
R. Klein, EA, Enrolled Agent
Category: Tax
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Experience:  Over 20 Years experience
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What can I do husbands boss received letter to garish his pay for wv state tax, can

Customer Question

What can I do husband's boss received letter to garish his pay for wv state tax, can we fix this with garishment?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  R. Klein, EA replied 5 years ago.

Randalltax :

You will need to either hire a representative or handle this yourself by getting into contact with the WV tax authorities.

Randalltax :

A garnishment is done because you either ignored all the prior letters and warnings or you moved and did not get the notices.

Randalltax :

They state will not release the garnishmnet until they either receive payment in full or they receive an offer of an installment payment that meets their requirements. Garnishments and levies are meant to get your attention first and foremost.

Randalltax :

If you cannot make any payments, you still must contact them to prove your insolvency.

Randalltax :

With an experienced representative, a garnishmnet can usually be lifted within one pay period or sooner.

Randalltax :

If you ignore it, they state will be satisfied with their own payment plan that you probably don't like.

Randalltax :

What caused your tax debt? Are you able to make any payments?

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : When I call do I have to ask anything special or can I ask for a payment arrangement and so much up front
Randalltax :

How big is your debt?

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : Oweing state tax not having enough taken out of pay each week
JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : It is about $3000.00
Randalltax :

Is that for one year?

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : They want to take out about $250.00 weekly to start next week and we can not afford that
Randalltax :

Is that one year's tax bill or several years?

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : No that is all together a few years and it may be less than that
Randalltax :

And, if I may ask, approximately how much do you earn in a month?

Randalltax :

And have you worked for the same firm for several years?

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : We together bring home about 4200.00 Yes I have and so has my husband same jobs him for 8 yrs and myself 4
Randalltax :

It just seems strange that you would have an amount owed year after year and not have fixed the problem along the way. The problem for you is that the state will look at it exactly like that and wonder the same thing. That's why they are taking action.

Randalltax :

I would recommend getting on the phone with the tax authority first thing in the morning and see if you can get on a payment plan you both can accept. If you can afford $70 per week (instead of $250), you can get the balance to zero within a year. You should also make every wffort to get the wtihholding corrected if you have not done so already

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : A few things have happened one 2 surgeries and unfortunately have a high house pmt yes I should of paid some on the tax unfortunate did not and I know that is no excuse
Randalltax :

Ignoring the IRS or state tax authority is the last thing you should do. They have the power to "TAKE", as you can now see. Mastercard and Visa can't do that. The doctor can't do that either.

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : I did get taxes on paycheck fixed and instead of owning this yr I was suppose to get $178.00 back but they kept it which I knew they would the othe part is they just sent my husband's boss that letter and I had planned on calling them Thursday to set up arrangements now I to late
Randalltax :

Yep, the state can take it out of yours or your spouse's paycheck. Look for one of these fine notices at your place of employment, too.

Randalltax :

It may not have been there to day, but it likely will be there in a day or two.

Randalltax :

But you can stop it before they take the money and send it to the state. If the state agrees to a payment plan they will fax a letter to the paymaster to tell them to not collect any more.

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : I hope so because I work for the federal gov now that makes me even a little dumber I know you don't even have to say it
Randalltax : you know what to do now.

Randalltax :

And you have to do it now.

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : So do you think when I call and tell them I will pay 500.00 right away they will do an arrangement
Randalltax :

I cannot speak for the state.

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : I know just your opinion
Randalltax :

If you can't pay in full, I think they would lke to hear what you think you can pay them and they will decide whether or not to release the claim.

JACUSTOMER-5lnvb4wm- : I guess I will know tomorrow by 8: 45 because I'm calling them at 8:30
Randalltax :

there ya go!

Expert:  R. Klein, EA replied 5 years ago.
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