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winktax, Enrolled Agent
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In 2007 i took ourtax papers to a tax service and she was going

Customer Question

In 2007 i took ourtax papers to a tax service and she was going to do our taxes for us because we had a repo and he finance company was wanting us to pay taxes on the home they repossed. Well i started working out of town and she said she would take care of it. Come to find out she didnt do my taxes because she had some personal issues that came up but said he filed an extension. She never did our taxes! It took me til this year to get intouch with her to get all of our papers back from her now the IRS is saying we have a federal tax lien of over 7,000.00. My husband and I have had a few rough years financially and didnt file our taxes last year we dont know how to resolve this problem and make it right with the IRS. should we file for the yearsthat werent filed first or get the lien issue resolved first please help just need someone we can trust to straighten this out. Thank you for your time and listening ear
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  winktax replied 5 years ago.

winktax :

Suggestion. If a 2007 tax return was not filed by you, the IRS has prepared a tax return on your behalf. When the IRS prepares a return from information reported to them they do so in the most disadvantaged way to you. While the 2007 tax year is considered closed for purposes of requesting a refund, you still can prepare and file your 2007 tax return and submit it to the IRS. The most likely outcome is the IRS will accept your return and have it replace the return they prepared for you. This may reduce or eliminate the amount you currently owe for tax year 2007.

winktax :

As a side note, you state in 2007 you had a foreclosure and the possible issuance of a Form 1099-A (foreclosure, abandonment of property) and or a Form 1099-C cancellation of debt. both of these forms are sent to the IRS, without reporting by you the IRS would have considered either of these forms a sale of property and taxes could be due on the sale (IRS prepared return - 100% taxable)(your prepared return, probably zero taxable).

winktax :

I hope the above answers your question. If so please click the accept button. Otherwise please provide additional information and or clarifying questions so that I can provide a more specific answer.