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I am moving from the state of Maine and accepting a job in

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I am moving from the state of Maine and accepting a job in Western PA (Pittsburgh, or Beaver) I will make between 157,000 to 175,000 depending on what job I take. I know PA taxes the hell out of you, or at least that is what I heard. Would it make sense to live in Ohio... would that save me any money? Or is better just to live in PA? If given the choice to live in Beaver, PA or Pittsburgh, PA what would be the better choice, what is the difference as how far my money will go.... depending if you tell me to stay away for Ohio. Some more information... I am married with 3 children. My wife is not working (stay at home mother) she could go back to work if it will help out. When we move we are going to buy a home, so all these taxes are making us concerned. Please help :)

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Tax wise it makes more sense to live in the state in which you earn your income. If you live in one state and work in another you end up paying taxes to both although there are tax credits to help reduce (but not totally eliminate) the double tax effect. As to PA taxing you to death, the only way to compare taxes between states is to take a look at the complete tax package. Real estate taxes, school taxes, sales taxes, personal property taxes, and income taxes need to be of the evaluation. If you will be working in PA logic says it is less costly to live there as well.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for the good advice. One last question... are you familiar with PA? Would anyone have information about Beaver compared to Pittsburgh (Allegheny County)? If I work in Beaver I will be making 175,000, if I choose Pittsburgh I will be making around 157,000 with full health benefits. I would like to live closer or in Pittsburgh for all the amenities, but if it makes more sense to live in Beaver for cost... then we would do that.
I live and work in Binghamton, NY just a few miles from the PA border so I do deal with PA taxes regularly. Unfortunately, I do not have comparative information for Pittsburgh or Beaver. One caution, a city like Pittsburgh will likely have its own income tax and higher school taxes the a more rural,suburban location like Beaver. Also, some communities in PA also have a school income tax. Look into that to make your analysis. Pittsburgh may have amenities but it will also have not so good areas. Be careful. It may be more logical to rent for a year or two until you know the areas well. Then purchase a home.
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