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Hi, I have a permanent home in York Harbor Maine. I have had

Resolved Question:

Hi, I have a permanent home in York Harbor Maine. I have had to accept employment in Hyde Park NY. I have been unable to find work in my occupation in Maine or adjacent NH or MA. I am 70 yers old and have to work. here is my situation. I have to drive 250 miles each way each weekend between my temporary residence in NY and my home in Maine. I realize that the commute from my NY residence to my NY job is not deductible, but may I deduct the expense of having to relocate each week from maine to NY?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 5 years ago.

Robin D :

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Robin D :

Unfortunately you may not deduct the travel.

You are traveling away from home if your duties require you to be away from the general area of your tax home for a period substantially longer than an ordinary day's work, and you need to get sleep or rest to meet the demands of your work while away.

Generally, your tax home is the entire city or general area where your main place of business or work is located, regardless of where you maintain your family home. For example, you live with your family in Chicago but work in Milwaukee where you stay in a hotel and eat in restaurants. You return to Chicago every weekend. You may not deduct any of your travel, meals, or lodging in Milwaukee because that is your tax home. Your travel on weekends to your family home in Chicago is not for your work, so these expenses are also not deductible. If you regularly work in more than one place, your tax home is the general area where your main place of business or work is located.

Robin D :

Because of this your tax home is NY as you recieve your main source of income there.

Robin D :

Thank you in advance for clicking ACCEPT but please reply if you need clarification.

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