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Stephanie B.
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This is really two questions regarding my income tax return.

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This is really two questions regarding my income tax return. Last year I filed my 2010 return as soon as I got my W-2. About a week later I received a 1099 for early distribution of my 401K. So I know I need to amend this return and I believe I have 3 years to do so. Can I wait to amend 2010 and file my 2011 return as I normally do, or is this going to cause problems on my 2011 return? I'd rather not have to amend two tax returns.
Also, I live and work in MA but my address and car is registered at my parents home in CT. Due to moving a few times and presently in a temporary living situation, it is just easier to have the CT address to ensure I receive all my mail on time (I have had problems with address changes in the past). Will this cause any problems on my tax returns? Do I just file using the address where I am actually staying at the moment?

Stephanie B. :

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If you expect to owe tax on your amended 2010 tax return due to this 1099-R, you want to file the amended return as soon as possible to stop the interest and penalties from accruing. These interest and penalties start accruing the due date of the return, which would have been April 17, 2011.

If a 1099-R is your only issue with your 2010 tax return, this will not have an affect on your 2011 tax return so by filing your 2011 tax return prior to your 2010 amended return, there should be no problems that would require an amended 2011 return.

As for the address on your return, this is simply a mailing address. If you choose to use your parents’ address because it is a stable address you are guaranteed to get your mail from, that is alright. The only problem you may run across is CT trying to tax the income because of the address (we have this problem in MO). If that occurs or you want to ensure that does not occur, you could file a CT nonresident return with no income taxable or wait for CT to try to tax you and respond to their notice that you do not live nor work in CT. You will still file a MA resident return.


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