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can i claim my 19 year old daughter, who lives in a house

Resolved Question:

can i claim my 19 year old daughter, who lives in a house the family owns,by herself,and attends a private school in new york which i have taken a loan out to pay for and I also give her money to live on and pay for all her expenses
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  legaleagle replied 5 years ago.

To claim as a dependent you have to meet these requirements.

1. relationship test- yes it is your daughter.

2. age test- under 24 and full time student. YES

3. residency test - lived with you half the year or there is an exception if they do not live with you due to being in school and living elsewhere to attend school. YES

4. support test - you provide more than half of their support for the year. YES

5. Joint return test - she is not married and filing a joint tax return. YES


Since you meet the 5 tests you can claim her as a dependent.

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