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William Ellis, CPA
William Ellis, CPA, CPA
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several years ago i was refused a tax refund for rent paid,

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several years ago i was refused a tax refund for rent paid, the reason being the retirement place i live in has a law that we are not allowed under the law for this building, BUT there is a 100ed other apartments that get the refund every year, while i was caught by a tax person,reviewing a request for an error i made in my tax return. the state is looseing millions in tax refunds for all the buildings under the same laws as here. If I write to the tax devision the will list me as a bad person that they will try to destroy as a informer,
a squealer,a snitch, everything they hate, no one can tell them what they are doing wrong..
but i know its wrong, and would like to see it corected. if they would black list all address's from this kind of home, so they wouldnot be paid, they could save millions, BUT I am not willing to destroy my family by contacting the tax people, if the tax return is filled out by a tax people they don't even question it, but fill out your own tax form you are dead meat.

William Ellis, CPA :

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer. If you are living in the retirement home for medical reasons, you might be able to claim your housing expenses as an itemized medical deduction. Most facilities will provide this information to you. Many states like Michigan offer a tax credit for renters based on the time spent in that location and their earning. The amount deductible is generally equivalent to the portion of property tax they'd be able to deduct if they owned the property. I'm not sure why you aren't able to deduct your rent. It could be that the ownership/building is exempt from paying property tax. If your returns have been questioned previously for taking this deduction, I cannot urge you strongly enough to avoid trying to take it again. My experience as a tax professional is that 95% of tax payers do not knowingly cheat on their taxes, and they would be insulted at the accusation. Most agree that it is their civic duty to accurately report and pay their share of tax, knowing that our government depends on every penny it collects. Thanks, Bill.


Thank you for your answer and i will comply with it, but I sure hate the other people waveing there refund checks in my face and laughing that they got there illiegal money again..I guess i'm the one person that the state is going to shit on, this the 2 time the first time a state worker just stold my refund check and the state would not cover it.and yes i will pay you for it,and thank the one who so kindly explained how just answer works, so now i know, thank you. j.t.

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