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Robin D.
Robin D., Senior Tax Advisor 4
Category: Tax
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Experience:  15years with H & R Block. Divisional leader, Instructor
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My accountant doesnt really give me any tax planning advice.

Customer Question

My accountant doesn't really give me any tax planning advice. Is that the case with most accountants? Is there a specific category of professional that I should look for that can help me with strategies?

I am not looking for someone to sell me a 401k or any kind of investment tool.

Is there a book you would recomend for an S-Corp owner?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 5 years ago.

Robin D :

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer.
What you are looking for is a tax expert. A CPA should be able to sit down with you and go over your tax situation and answer any questions that you have. An "EA" is an Enrolled Agent and would be able to advise you on any aspect of taxes and different situations. Many tax preparation companies have EAs that are empoyed with them and you could request one by appointment.
You asked about a book, I would start with the Florida website on Corp taxes

JACUSTOMER-f433ijs9- :

What I am looking for is a book or a person on tax strategies, ie, tax avoidance. So you say I shoudl find an EA, ok. What about a book for a mom & pop s corp that my wife is 100% stock holder in & grosses around $2.5 mil a year with profits roughly @ 10%.

Robin D :
Check out this link and see the article at the bottom. I do not know of a book that would lead you through all you would need to know.