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I applied for the Tax Amnesty in 2007 and paid the outstanding

Customer Question

I applied for the Tax Amnesty in 2007 and paid the outstanding tax of R 126000 in full ( all interest was to be written off). First SARS said i qualify for the amnesty.Then they declined it and said that i did not recieve business income in the period 1996 to 1998. I then sent them my bank statements and old payslips to prove that i did as a director and shareholder of a business. Since i sent them my proof no one at SARS wants to reply or aknowlege to any of my e-mails since Nov 2010, not even the amnesty objection board. Every year since 2007 i was to recieve a Tax rebate,however this was taken off the interest.I can not find the Ombudsman for SARS anywhere.Please could you assist ?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 5 years ago.

Robin D :

Hello an dthank you for using Just Answer.
I have not found where parliament has completed that office yet. With all the debating over who would be over the ombud office and what they could and could not do the service is not yet operating. The SARS Service Monitoring Office (SSMO) was launched in October 2002 as a channel for taxpayers to highlight areas where they do not receive the service they deserve. If you have not contacted this department yet you may wish to do so.

<table border="0"> Contact type: SARS Service Monitoring Office Country: South Africa Region: Gauteng City: Pretoria Telephone number: 0860 12 12 16 Fax number: 012 431 9695 Postal address: PO Box 11616
Business hours: 07h30 to 16h30, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays
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Robin D :

I understand your frustration but have no other help to add. I read through your history on this and sincerely wish I could say do this or that and your problem would be solved.