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MarjorieCPA, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Category: Tax
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Experience:  Public Accounting for Small to Mid-Size firms, Individual and Small Business Tax
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PLEASE ONLY RESPOND IF YOU HAVE A DEFINITE ANSWER TO HELP. NO UNSURE RESPONSES PLEEEEEEASE----Can someone tell me (preferably a Enrolled Agent) how can a taxpayer take a detailed course on correspondence audits. I am fed up of people acting like it is a severe big deal. Ive found out how to help 2 close friends -how to totally beat their audits (both being different). I just want to know is there a course a taxpayer can take or association and last organization, that would help a regular taxpayer on how to educate themselves on all irs audits. I would love to just take a course without being a professional tax pro- although I am very astute when it comes to taxes. I think I refer ppl to EAs normally and wind up helping friends due to the ridiculous things they tell me-what was told to them. I really would just love for a person to refer me to a person,organization,association or course. I've heard of 1 or 2 but felt I knew more than referrals. I just hate taking a week or two to help friends figure out correspondence audit. I've always been very helpful but don't like taking weeks. Really would enjoy a mailing audit course that is reputable and not a waste. Thanks

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So many non tax professional courses on line or by referrals that are a waste. Even less smart that a savvy Tax pro can educate individuals or scammers.I have 4 associates who found good courses but they don't like to give me info -as they know I like to help people and one person asked me for a hundred dollars. I immediately went to figuring how to get this info which I feel I've helped with-with no help-FROM A PRO.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  MarjorieCPA replied 6 years ago.

MarjorieCPA :

I disabled the accept button, so this is only an information request. Have you tried the webiste - for many industries there is an audit technique guide? For example, Construction is located here:

MarjorieCPA :

I know of no classes but thought that would help, so I'm going to opt out now so another person may be able to assist you who is aware of a class you are asking for. This is all I've ever used to assist my clients through an audit, and it's all I've ever needed.