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The above will be handled also by you hopefully but first,

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The above will be handled also by you hopefully but first, my daughter Kathy also received a CP59 for 2009. She had worked as a helper in a pre-school which downsized and she was laid off. I think she got unemployment for two months or so, and then got another job as a nanny/child care in a private house where her taxes were not deducted. She had to move into a room in a house with others and give up her apt. as she made under $10 per hour with no benefits (and I helped her some with money from time to time). lShe has a 1991 Toyota sedan and furniture that didn't fit into a room is in storage. She has no savings. She can barely live on her income without taxes, has no sick leave or vacation, and only eats meat once a week. She has become a vegetarian on rice and beans mostly. What is happening in this world? She is honest, loves children and even tho she didn't go to college she has taken some night courses at the local University on child care and also got certification for child care and elderly care in Florida. She is trying to work and not collect unemployment - and just does not understand the tax system. Somebody told her that if she made under $22,000 per year she didn't have to pay taxes.
Will it be acceptable to have a printout from her bank showing all her paycheck deposits for the year. She cannot find her W-2s from the school or other 1099 or whatever from 2009.
What would you charge to fill out the tax forms for 2009 to answer the CP59?
Also once this is finished could she set up a payment plan (the least per month so she can still live). She only has one credit card from Sears with a $3,000 max which is maxed out I think for car problems and needs etc.

Then, could you also help her with her 2010 taxes and then to do the Estimated Taxes you suggested earlier for 2011 . She just changed nanny jobs - the first six months taxes were not deducted - her new employer says they will report income but will decide on deducting taxes???? She just started this new job two weeks ago.

Please advise details and I will work only with you - and I appreciate any help we can get. Thank you. Catherine Nicholas

Welcome to Just Answer. I am here to help you resolve your tax and finance concerns. Please feel free to ask anytime you need extra help.

First, the W-2 and 1099 issue. She can obtain a replacement for all of these from the parties which issued them. The bank entries will not help because they are net of any withholdings. The employers are required to maintain their copies for at least three years so while it may take a bit of time it can happen.

Secondly, taking care of her tax return preparation is something I cannot personally do for her. It is prohibited in my agreement with Just Answer. However, you can take care of this yourself since her situation is simple. Tax Act offers free software and also offers electronic filing. It uses a question and answer mode which, specially in simple situations, makes it much easier than you may think. If you elect to use this service be sure to print and retain a copy for your records. Doing it this way will cost nothing and given her situation will be a far more advantageous approach. The idea that if she earns less than $22,000 she does not have any taxes is erroneous so you will need to address the return requirements.

As to the payment plan idea. Sears will be only too happy to establish a payment plan to retire the credit card debt. The IRS will also do this for any tax debt that may exist but their fees are a bit high. The reality is that you will not know if there is a debt until the returns are done. Here is a link to an IRS page addressing payment arrangements:

Her 2010 returns cannot be prepared until the 2009 returns are done but should also be relatively simple using Tax Act. Their web address is The software will also permit the preparation of estimated taxes if needed.

Finally, the new employer. The law does not permit a later determination as to whether taxes will be deducted. Employers are mandated by law to withhold from employees. It is not optional. Someone is not being honest with her. She should request that taxes be properly withheld (in writing) as required by the law or begin looking for new employment. It just sounds fishy that they will decide later. How can you withhold on something you have already paid out? This sounds very much like an employer which should be reported to the US Department of Labor.

If you decide to use Tax Act, please let me know. I am familiar with their software (use the professional version in my office) and will happy to assist you with any questions that may arise in the process.

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