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Im 64 years old and on long term disability and I will not

Customer Question

I'm 64 years old and on long term disability and I will not get well. When I filed my 2009 tax return on turbo tax one 1099 form from my HSA account didn't print...because I had so much medical bills I used the 4500.00 in by HSA to help with the bills. I purchased an IRA in 2008 with my variable comp check from work which was taxed at about 27% tax. I put 1000.00 in this ira and after one year when I learned I was sick I cashed it in to pay on doctors. the thousand dollars made $25.00 dollars. IRS wants me to pay taxes on $1025.oo. With tax and penalties IRS says I owe anadditional $2880.00 in taxes and penalities. I have until 9/21/11 to respond and pay or dispure the tax. My illness makes it very hard for me to concentrate and I need some help sorting this all out. I was over 59 1/2 years old and cashed in some of my retirement to purchase a home to come home to retire..literally. I have since used the balance of my retirement to pay for treatments, prescriptions, and doctors the past 18 months. I'm the Doctors at Austin Cancer center want me to start the treatments again with the addition of a new drug approved by the FDA in June, 2011. I cannot go through the stress of IRS but I believe I should not pay for this tax.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Lev replied 6 years ago.


Hi and welcome to Just Answer!

Sorry for your situation.
If your 2009 tax return was not transmitted - you have no choice - but to print it and mail to the IRS as soon as possible.
If your 2009 tax return was submitted, but some information was missed - you need to file an amended tax return - use the form 1040X - and attach all forms that were missed or should be changed.
The IRS has no information about some of your circumstances - and the best way to inform them - is to file your tax return.
You should verify all your filing, because you are disabled - be sure to mark disability check box on your tax return. Verify that all your deduction and medical expenses are included into your tax return.
Because you received a notice - mail your tax return to the address in this notice and attach a copy of the letter you received from the IRS. Add a notice with explanations why you are filing late as you explained above.
If your tax return will be accepted and processed - your issue will be resolved. But be aware it might take up top 8-12 weeks for your tax returns to be processed.
If you are due any refund - you will be sent a check.
If you know - you will owe some money - you need to pay or negotiate a payment plan with the IRS.
Let me know if you need any help.