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My question concerns a young adult loved one who has a drug addiction.

Resolved Question:

My question concerns a young adult loved one who has a drug addiction. The family is pushing for an intervention and drug rehab but the parents are understandably aggravated, tired of the costs of the addiction, the misdemeanor possesion charges, etc..(he lives with them again and will not work-they allow this, pay his car insurance, etc) and although they have never seriously tried to get him into rehab (other than asking if he will go) and have never tried a professional intervention, they have decided a psychiatrist who can get him disability benefits is the way to go. He may have underlying psychologcal issues but most are a result of the addiction and how can these psychiatric issues, if they exist, be treated if the person continues drug use. They think it best to have him labeled with a psych disorder and get him on disability. They may mean well as they are concerned about what will happen to him when they pass-how will he survive without money etc., but if he does not get help for the drug addiction he will not survive at all and I don't see how getting him 'labeled' and getting him/them money and allowing him to continue his addiction will help. My concern is that the individual himself will deny a drug problem (as they all do) and I am certain his parents will NOT stress that drug addiction is his main problem although they may mention it's use. Is there any way I can anonymously make sure the psychiatrist is aware of the seriousness/extent of his addiction before declaring him disabled so that this poor young man gets a chance at drug rehab instead of being labeled as 'disabled' (which is a hard label to overcome) and just having money thrown at him/them? Note: one of his parents is an attorney who handles disability claims all the time. I am NOT alledging fraud-simply severe misguidance and want the psychiatrist to have the WHOLE this young man can get help...he deserves a chance at rehab..he has been accepted at 3 colleges and has only 1.5 yrs to gifted...
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Stephen G. replied 6 years ago.

I think you should rely on the expertise of the psychiatrist to identify his problem & get him to recognize what type of help/treatment he needs; there's not much else you can do; most 'shrinks' will take information from you, they just won't give you any; assuming of course they are even willing to acknowledge that he is a patient;

I'm not sure I'd be trying to do it anonymously; unless you identify yourself, your relationship and why you are contacting the psychiatrist, it is doubtful that you'll even get past the "Hello" stage.

Given your stated objective, this really isn't a financial or social security issue; you are trying to intervene to assist this individual with his problem;

I'm going to suggest that this question be moved to the medical community in order that you might receive some professional guidance as to what, or how, or if you should even attempt to do what you want to do; there are potential laibility issues here; you'll need to disclose his age & what state you are in as both of these may impact what you can or can not do as well as identify the risks involved; evidently the parents are still very much involved & it sounds like they haven't been exactly welcoming to your suggestions so far.....................

Hope this helps you help your friend...............................
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sadly, I agree that there is probably not much I can do. I am a medical professional and a relative. He has actually spent more time with me than with his parents in the last 5 years. They are tired of dealing with him, not well educated on drug abuse and it's effects and believe he he has mental problems and needs to be in a psych ward.Hopefully, the psychiatrist will be more thorough. I will give my young relative my contact information to pass on the the psychiatrist and he can contact me if he wishes. I will hope the psychiatrist can uncover the severity of the drug addiction, is well informed of the various DSM-IV drug induced categories of mental illness diagnoses and will categorize him to get him the best and proper treatment.Thanks for your help.
Expert:  Stephen G. replied 6 years ago.



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Well, I guess I've just reaffirmed what you already know, except if you give your contact information to your young relative & he actually gives it to the psychiatrist you'll have the best of both worlds; let's hope he trusts you enough to do that; if he does have serious mental issues (and won't admit that he has a problem or even if he does he won't admit his problem is severe - this is what you said in your original question which is why I didn't suggest you go through him); chances are he won't agree to anything involving restricting his freedom until he either gets so sick someone else intervenes or he winds up on the street and from there in the hospital; I have some experience with helping out at a clinic so I too have seen the whole cycle, & it get discouraging day after day after day after...............

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