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Need to know how much additional taxes we will owe at the end

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Need to know how much additional taxes we will owe at the end of 2011. We are a recent retired couple trying to make sure we have enough with held to cover our taxes for 2011.

Social Security
Dan $19,824
Stevie 9,252

Drop 13,702
Dan 11,574
Stevie 5,100

Mut. of Amer. 1,878
MassMutual (June-Sept.) 6,052
MassMutual(Oct-Dec) 1,512

Stevie's Teacher Pay 34,901
(6 months)

Total Anticipated Income 74,719

Taxes already with held:
Stevie's Payroll deductions 7,126
Stevie's Drop 2,740

Total with held 9,866


Hi and welcome to Just Answer!


I am working on calculations... please stay with me...


Nice to need you again. Let me know if you need additional information.


Social Security – 85% will be taxable

Dan $19,824 – taxable $19,824*85%=$16850

Stevie 9,252 – taxable $9,252*85%=$7864

Total expected TAXABLE income - $70357


Assuming standard deduction, no dependents, no other deductions, and you both are under 65 – estimated tax liability $6900 minus $800 make work pay credit = ~$6100.

If you both are above 65 – estimated tax liability would be ~$5780.

So – if your income tax withholding is expected to be $9,866 – that will cover your liability and you will have a refund.


That is wonderful news. Thanks. I would like to print this. Any idea how I do that?


Just figured out how to do it. Thanks for the great and timely results.

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