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I received a notice that I have a certified letter from the

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I received a notice that I have a certified letter from the IRS waiting for me. I don't owe any past taxes that I'm aware of, actually just paid a past due tax liability in the amount of only $291 from 2008-2009 via their online payment processor on June 1st. Could this be a receipt of some sort? I would think that if I was to be audited they would have noted it previously vs. sending me the recent tax bill, right? Note, no prior letters were ever received other than the notice of what is owed.

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If you just paid the $291 from 2008-2009 online, it could be that they had not rec'd the payment prior to sending the letter out to you. It could just be another demand for payment letter for the $291. On the other hand, it could for something else. You can always call the IRS prior to signing for the letter to see what it is about. 1-800-829-1040. Please note that certified mail from the IRS does not always translate into being an audit notice.

Though you paid in June, sometimes there is a backlog. Usually the IRS does not send receipts.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your response.

The only other thing that I forgot to mention, could this be notice of a request for information on a deposit? I just deposited a large check over 10k into my checking account about 10 days ago, could the bank have notified them and they are seeking information on it?

I would think that if it was an audit they would have given me notice of that vs. sending me a notice in May regarding the tax shortfall due which is why this doesn't make much sense. Why send me that notice if you are going to turn right around less than 60 days send me a audit notice but online research gave the indication that an audit is their primary means of sending mail certified or just prior to enforcing collection proceedings because regular mail had gone ignored which clearly is not the case here.
Yes, the letter could very well be about the deposit because banks are required to report deposits over $10k to the IRS. The balance that you owed was such a small amount, I don't think it was an audit letter.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Now that was quick, it was less than 10 days ago! LOL

Thank you as the deposit was definitely out of the norm for my account as I usually maintain only about $1500-$2500 in that account so to deposit of 40k may have sent up a red flag of some sort, etc. Thanks again for your answer, I am your average Joe and always pay without an issue if I make an error, and again, they never sent any letters prior, that may very well be it. Thanks again! Puts me a little more at ease as it just didn't make sense. Thanks again. Have a good evening. Sonja



For clarification purposes, note that cash deposits are reported over $10K, you did write that you deposited a check, correct? Even though it was a check deposit, the letter you rec'd may very well have something to do with the deposit since it is out of your normal scope of deposit amounts. Again, if you don't want to sign for the letter, give the IRS a call and ask them about your account. When you call them you don't even have to mention the letter.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, it was a check but I did it via the ATM which may not have flagged it properly which I wondered because they normally hold it for 10 days and they cleared the funds immediately as if it was actually cash. I am going on vacation and didn't want to have anything negative enter my space before I leave on Friday. Anyway, I will let you go. Thank you again for all your help.

You are welcome. You could probably check with the bank to see if they reported the deposit as cash or not since they did not put a hold on it. Regarding your vacation...I agree, not having negative energy in your space is a good thing. Enjoy.

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