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Does a Canadian company need a US Taxpayer ID Number (TIN)

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Does a Canadian company need a US Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) if the company only ships a product to the US and only has a Canadian address?

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX President, Archivision Inc.


Hi and welcome to Just Answer!
If a Canadian company has no physical presence in the US and doesn't have any income from US sources - it doesn't have to have an US tax ID.
Let me know if you need any help or clarification.


Thank you LEV. I am not sure what you mean by "income from US sources"? We provide an image database to universities in the US and around the world, so we have many clients in the US which we invoice when we ship them our product, a hard drive with images and data which they then load onto their local systems. Other than that, we do not receive income from the US. Does this mean we have income from US sources...and if so, how do we get a US tax ID number? I am trying to fill out the a vendor application for CUNY and they have asked that I find out if I need a TIN number. Thank you. Scott


...If I do nee to supply a TIN number for my Candian company can I just use my SSN? I was born in the US and have one, but have lived in Canada for over 25 years. My company was created in Canada. Thank you! Scott


If your clients are located in the US - that has nothing to do with determination of the source of income.
Please see here source of income rules -,,id=96459,00.html
So as long as the company has no facilities in the US, has no employees, agents, etc in the US – proceeds from the sale are not from US sources – and the Canadian company is not required to have an US tax ID.
If your client or a payer - is asking to have a tax ID - that is a different issues - and should be negotiated with the customer.

You may not use your personal SSN in place of the company's tax ID.
If you were born in the US - you are considered an US citizen - and are required to file your personal tax return using your SSN.

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