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Attorney Help - Attention Mr. Legal Beacon - I am looking for

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Attorney Help - Attention Mr. Legal Beacon - I am looking for some help filling in the blanks with this section of the contract. I appreciate your help - I just want to make sure we look A-OK!

THIS COMPANY AGREEMENT (this "Agreement"), dated as of ______________, 2007, is entered into by and between BARTON EXPLORATION (“__[?]________”), __________ (“__________”) (__________ and __________ being referred to as “Class A Member(s)”); and those parties identified on the signatory pages and Exhibit A hereto as Class B Members (“Class B Member(s)”).

I placed a question mark in the area where I need help - but im also wondering what the other fill in the blanks are for. Thanks!
Can you tell me what kind of entity Barton Exploration is?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well, the name has not exactly been determined for the LLC - so I've just been using Barton Exploration for now - pretty much its two men who are seeking 25 investors to put up 100K a piece. They will all receive a percentage in two new wells that are being drilled. Of course we're hoping for the best - if something great did work out...we would set up an office closer to the property and possibly move out that way (2 hours from where we are now)...not sure if I gave the right answer to what you're looking for. If not at least theres insight on this project. Tongue outCool
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
if there are any more specific questions, you can try me again
You will either want to specifically identify the two men or you will want to form an entity between them named Barton Exploration LLC (if you form it as an LLC). :)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

yeah we'll have an LLC with that being said, what would be the correct way to enter the info?


Their names areXXXXX and Spencer Barton, but we'll be working under an LLC

If you will form an LLC, you will need not mention them specifically, you will simply put "Barton Exploration, LLC, a California limited liability company"
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