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Lawyer help Question for Legal Beacon Hiya there - good

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Lawyer help = Question for Legal Beacon: Hiya there - good afternoon!! An attorney friend of mine was so generous to send me an LLC document for a business that is soon to be up and running - however - I need a some lawyer advice so that it is modified for my particular needs. - for page says:

COMPANY AGREEMENT OF __________ LLC, a [What exactly do I fill in the blank with for this line?] limited liability company
Thank you! =]

Hi there.....Nice friend you have there. :)


This is simply the name of the company, and then "a [whatever state it is formed in] limited liability company"


Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes - im having a nice weekend - it is H-O-T! =) Im going to take a swim after I post about 5-10 questions (lol)


OK so I live in CA - that is also where the business will be running and operating. Although we will have investors from out of state, and even one from China has reserved a slot - I guess I would still put "CALIFORNIA" - Just want to to double check on this.

Yes...California! Hot here in Houston as well. :) Have a nice swim!
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