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[LAWYER/LEGAL QUESTION FOR] Mr. Legal Beacon I am in need

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[LAWYER/LEGAL QUESTION FOR] Mr. Legal Beacon = I am in need of an LLC Partnership agreement/document...can you help me find a rough draft/template/someone elses to work off of, and then from there - I will go through each section piece by piece to have it modified so it suits our needs? I know of DocStoc.Com and Scribd I think it is...or just any random agreement on the internet. Can you suggest one that I can modify? Its for my dad/grandpa (General Partners in charge of everything) + the 25ppl

Hey there.....You know this is going to be fairly complicated document potentially. I've done a jillion of these and will go through the ones I've done and redact all the specific information. I don't think it will fit on here because of the length so I will need a place to post it for you. :)

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
you are amazing! You can email it to me at: bartonsandra @ hotmail . com if that shows up as a ton of X's, i'll also post it on the website under the 'contact us' information on my website. I really appreciate it...and then we can go through it piece by piece...separated by question X question until it gets to where it needs to be! YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!! Thank you so much. Hey I love your new picture! Handsome handsome!

Thanks...I appreciate the're very kind!

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