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Gerri A Harrison CFP EA
Gerri A Harrison CFP EA, Enrolled Agent
Category: Tax
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Experience:  27 years of preparing income tax returns - both personal and small business
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I am making tax payments to the IRS of $350. I agreed to pay

Resolved Question:

I am making tax payments to the IRS of $350. I agreed to pay an additional $1000 starting May 2011, as I was going to start getting about $1250 a month from SS. Then a couple of months later SS changed the amount they were going to send me to $12 per month (I know a odd amount). I have been trying to get the resolved w/SS, but no one will give me a straight anwser, or an accounting even though I have asked for it several times Help!

Jo Ann Janetto
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Gerri A Harrison CFP EA replied 6 years ago.

Gerri A Harrison CFP :

My recommendation - contact the IRS. If you have been good about being in contact with them they will normally re-negotiate and allow you to delay the increase until you have resolved your issue with Social Security. Tell them what is going on, ask for a 30 day extension. Then if in 30 days if you still have not resolved the issue with SS contact IRS again. As long as you keep in contact and if possible continue sending them the $350 you have been doing to this point in time the likelihood is they will work with you.


Thank you.

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