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Chea Romine
Chea Romine, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Category: Tax
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Experience:  CPA, Managing Partner of medium sized CPA firm specializing in all areas of tax and accounting.
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IRS EIN online application not working.

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I applied for a new EIN number recently. Due to problems with the website, I had to go through the process 31 times in order to get to the final screen. When I was finally able to complete the process, it asked if I wanted the EIN confirmation letter to download or to be mailed. I took the download option and was never able to open the link. There apparently is no way to go back and ask for it to be mailed. Questions are these: 1. How do I either download the file again, or request one to be sent by mail. 2. I was not given the option to print the completed online application and I would like to have a copy for my records. What a mess. Thanks for any help you can give me.

We have had this happen quite a bit lately. Your only recourse at this point is to contact the IRS and ask for a copy of your ss4 which is the application and a copy of your confirmation. Be prepared to be on hold for a while and try to call early in the day. The number is ***** – 800 – 829 – 1040 Sorry this is the only option at this point.

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