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For the state of Idaho, are private automobile registrations

Resolved Question:

For the state of Idaho, are private automobile registrations tax deductable, if so what portion of the fee, and if so Fed, State or both? In Idaho you can register for more than one year - does that make a reporting difference?
Vehicles are not used for commercial use
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Jesse Handel replied 6 years ago.

Jesse Hand :

Hello and thank you for coming to Just Answer. We appreciate the opportunity to help you with your tax questions. I happen to be a tax preparer in the state of Idaho, so I can help you with your question. The general rule on whether vehicle registrations are deductible, is that any vehicle registration that is based on the value of the vehicle is deductible. In Idaho, most automobile registrations are based on a set fee, not the value of the vehicle, so the registration is not deductible. However, if you have an RV or other vehicle where the registration costs are based on the value of the vehicle, that registration is deductible. As an easy rule of thumb, if you have to tell the DMV what you paid for the vehicle (other than the very first registration if you have to pay sales tax on the vehicle), then you can deduct the cost of registering the vehicle.

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Expert:  Jesse Handel replied 6 years ago.
Sorry for changing the question out of chat mode, but my computer has trouble working with the chat features. As I said above, most vehicle registrations aren't deductible, because they are a flat fee rather than being based on the value of the vehicle.
Expert:  Jesse Handel replied 6 years ago.
Since you're preparing taxes for the state of Idaho, I know some of the Idaho subtractions that are sometimes missed. If you paid medical insurance premiums or long term care insurance from post-tax money, you can enter them on the Idaho Form 39 even if you can't itemize medical expenses on the federal form. Also, if you gave any money or used goods to a charity designated for youth rehabilitation, such as Development Workshop, the Ark or the Idaho Youth Ranch; you can deduct that charity on Form 39 even if you can't itemize for federal taxes. The full list of qualifying charities is in the Idaho booklet.

I hope this answers your questions. I will be happy to provide further information if you need more help.