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I need to find a tax lawer that deals with oregon I.R.S.

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I need to find a tax lawer that deals with oregon I.R.S.
No one here can provide you with direct representation. We "justanswer" questions about the law. If you have a question about the Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR), feel free to ask.

If you need a tax lawyer to represent you before the DOR, then for a referral, see these links: ABA; Martindale.

Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Can you answer this, i just gor married one month ago, can the I.R.S garnish her wages for my back tax problem ?
No. Under ORS 108.020, "Neither husband nor wife is liable for the debts or liabilities of the other incurred before marriage; and except as otherwise provided in ORS 108.040, they are not liable for the separate debts of each other, nor is the rent or income of property owned by either husband or wife liable for the separate debts of the other."

However, if you and your wife commingle your assets, or deposit wages into a joint bank account, THEN the IRS can levy that account, because joint property is available to pay your tax liability.

Consider keeping everything separate until your tax obligation is paid in full. This includes remitting your tax returns to the IRS and the Oregon Dept. of Revenue as "married filing separately."

Hope this helps.
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