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what is statuate of limitation for past due sales tax for a

Resolved Question:

what is statuate of limitation for past due sales tax for a corporation in oklahoma? i went out of business in 2004. seven years later a collection agency is wanting 16400.00 for back sales taxes, penalties, and collection fees.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  CGCPA replied 6 years ago.

Charles Greiner :

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Charles Greiner :

Did you file all the sales tax returns timely? Many times we see situations where returns were not filed. In cases like that the state issues a jeopardy assessment (usually high) to get the taxpayer to file and remit the state's money. When this happens, since no return has been filed, there is usually no statute of limitations and where there is it is 10 years or longer. If all the returns were filed up to and including the dissolution date of the corporation the statute in OK is 10 years. A key point to remember is that sales tax involves a fiduciary responsibility on the vendors part since the vendor collects for the state. The states all take this seriously and will even proceed against you on a personal level.


thanks for the answer. i dont know if the sales tax forms were submitted. the business was repossed and i have absolutly no paperwork to back up their claim. i asked attny why it took so long (7 years) to contact me about tax bills. i just bought a new house and the attny knew my brand new address after only 3 months. why, if it was that easy to find my new address, was i not contacted years ago? what could happen to me if i ignore the attnys demand to pay? the collection is from oklahoma and i have lived in texas for over 7 years. can the state of okla file a lein on my texas residence?

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