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If I have a house rented out for $1000 per month using a management

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If I have a house rented out for $1000 per month using a management company that charges 10% of the rent, and my my note is $700 per month and I average $50 per month in maintenance expenses and average $400 per month in mortgage interest, how much is my taxable income for the yeat from this property?
$1,000 - $100 - $400 - $50 = $450 taxable, but you can also deduct depreciation expense.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am curious as to why this is still up here. Did you not get paid when I accepted your answer? Let me know.
According to my information, you did not click Accept for this answer. You are certainly welcome to do so, now, if you wish.
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I will try again. Do not know what happened
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