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William Ellis, CPA
William Ellis, CPA, CPA
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if the state garnishees your wages, are they suppose to notify

Customer Question

if the state garnishees your wages, are they suppose to notify you first? If a garnishment has started, can it be stopped or held to allow for the receipt of documentation which will affect the amt being garnished?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  William Ellis, CPA replied 6 years ago.
Unless Kansas operates differently than nearly every other state, they probably have tried to contact you several time over the last two years. Garnishments are generally one of the last actions taken. Call your personnel dept and see if they have a direct contact with the state. I'd also check to see if Kansas has a taxpayer advocate's office. If you can explain the communication issues to someone, they may be able to explain the origination of the notices and help get you an extension. Hope this helps, Bill