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my ex wife and i are going to court over spousal support. i

Customer Question

my ex wife and i are going to court over spousal support. i retired june 23rd and she immed got half of my strs ( state teachers retirement) i had her served sunday to lower the amnt or for the court to do so
before that i received a legal (?) form in the mail she had had somebody fill out stating she wanted to be paid for 31 yrs of marriage

she has done the taxes for at least the last five years and has repeatedly assured me there was no return
i seriously doubt that now in light of the recent events
i need to get a copy of the last 5 years' returns- not all the pages- lets not kill the environment- simply the pages stating the return or the pages indicating the return
i need them by the end of the day
as we go to court on tuesday
if that is not possible then a message that reflects my message and what is needed
to complete the process

gracias XXXXX 1210 Petree 227 el cajon ca 92020

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  socrateaser replied 6 years ago.

If spousal support is at issue in a hearing, then your spouse is legally required to produce her last two years tax returns, along with a filled-in Form FL-150, and her last two paystubs, if any.


If she does not produce these forms for the hearing, then you can ask the court to "trail" the matter to another date, and order your spouse to produce the tax returns.


If your spouse claims that there are no returns, then you can ask the court to "trail" the hearing for 45 days, while you attempt to obtain the returns directly from the IRS, and you can ask that the court order your spouse to execute an IRS form 4506 (which you will have conveniently filled out in advance, and brought to the hearing).


Hope this helps.


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