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what options do i have if i cant pay my property taxes in

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what options do i have if i cant pay my property taxes in full?
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Robin D :

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer.
If you have verified that the payments were not made to the county and you did not have an escrow account with the lender, then you need to pay the taxes as soon as possible.

Under Illinois law, property tax delinquencies may be sold at tax sale. If a delinquency remains unpaid and is sold at tax sale, the tax purchaser will hold a lien on the property. Removing such a lien will add hundreds, even thousands of dollars to the amount now due. Failure to pay (or "redeem") following a sale may ultimately lead to a loss of the property.

The Treasurer's Office mails delinquency notices to taxpayers. These include a final pre-tax-sale notice by certified mail to the taxpayer of record.

Under Illinois law, the penalty for late payments is 1.5% per month.

Be sure to refer to the schedule on the front of the tax bill to send only the one correct amount based on when you pay in person or based on the U.S.P.S. postmark if submitting payment by mail. Partial payments are not allowed.

I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX information is helpful,

JACUSTOMER-je3vhrsh- :

The taxes were suppose to be included in my payment because it was a goverment loan and from what the bank told me they had to excrow the taxes. So after the first year of living in the house i receive the tax notice of payment for $8000.00. I understand I should have looked at this closer but I was just curious if there was anything i could do. With that is my only option paying the full amout? I did notice that my morgage payment is higher now which tells me the taxes are escrowed. If you have any advice with this said please let me know.

Robin D :

If you have not checked with your mortgage company to insure that they have paid these do so immediately. Even if the lender paid the taxes you will receive a notice as duplicate.
Illinois advises the following:

There are several reasons you should receive your tax bill:

  1. Mortgage companies have access to an online system for paying on multiple properties with one electronic wire transfer and no bills.

  2. More importantly, the homeowner needs to receive the tax bill to be alerted if there is a delinquency, overpayment, refund, available exemption savings, assessment change, etc.

  3. If you receive the bill, you will be able to monitor your taxes if your lender re-sells the loan or if you refinance.

  4. You need to see whether you received all available assessment exemptions that reduce your taxes, as well as the amount due.

  5. The tax bill address also is used for annual exemption applications for programs that reduce the tax.

  6. If the amount deducted from your escrow for taxes does not match your tax bill, call the mortgage company to determine the reason. If the company paid on the wrong PIN, you must ask the company to reimburse your escrow and deduct only the correct amount to pay on your PIN.

  7. You should compare the PIN on your deed with the PIN on the tax bill and the PIN your mortgage company is using to pay.

  8. Go to Payment Status to verify the company has paid the full amount on your PIN(s). Prior to the due date, you may also check with your mortgage company to find out what PIN(s) it will be using to pay your taxes.

    Access the payment status on your county

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