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Chad Oberg
Chad Oberg, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
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I was granted disability by SSA in 2007. Shorty there after

Resolved Question:

I was granted disability by SSA in 2007. Shorty there after the IRS levyed a 75% withholding on my funds do to the money they claim I owed them. This has made my financial condition very serious as this is the only income I have. I have medical conditions which require a lot of medications and treatment.I there anything I can do to help mitigate this situation? Also I wouldlike to know howmuch I purportedly owe the IRS.

Thank You
Bruce Lovell Spickard
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Chad Oberg replied 7 years ago.

You will need to give the IRS a call and start the process with them. The following link will provide you with the IRS' contact information:,,id=96730,00.html


Once you get in touch with the IRS, calmly explain that you are not sure why you are being levyed and would like to clear-up the matter. If you do not have a copy of the original notice, let them know that you never received the notice and that you would like a copy sent to your address. Many times the IRS doesn't know your current address. Once you have a copy of the IRS notice or the IRS agent informs you as to the issue that caused the liability, analyze your records to make sure you agree or disagree with the IRS' assessment. If you disagree, you will need to call the IRS and discuss resolving the matter and what steps they require. This can be different depending on the situation. If you agree, call them up and do the following:


Please note, if you want the IRS agent to be kind to you and help you out as much as possible, as I said earlier keep calm. These people get verbally abused quite a bit and kindness will go much further in eliminating your issue. They are following guidelines mandated by our laws and the agents have little or no control over your situation other than to offer up ways to pay the liability.


Ask the IRS agent if there are any remedies for someone in your situation. Generally, the IRS will offer a payment plan in which you will have to pay a scheduled payment at an applied interest rate.


They may request that you fill out a "Offer In Compromise". This is a petition to the IRS to reduce an sometimes (eliminate) the tax owed by a taxpayer. Review the following links to gain further understanding the Offer In Compromise procedures:,,id=104593,00.html,,id=120169,00.html


Take note that the application for Offer In Compromise is not a sure bet, the IRS is disallowing these petition more than ever since the government is short on funds. However, with that said, it is worth a try. The IRS will want a full accounting of all you financial affairs. Understand that if you have valuable real estate or other assets, it may be suggested that you sell the asset and pay the full amount of liability.



If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Or, if the answer is adequately, please accept and conclude this correspondence.


Tax advice given in the above dialog is not intended for the purposes of avoiding tax or penalties. Guidance is strictly for the purpose of the addressee and is not for widespread distribution.


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