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A manufacturing company has a beginning finished goods inventory

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A manufacturing company has a beginning finished goods inventory of $14,000, raw material purchases of $17,000, cost of goods manufactured of $35,500, and an ending finished goods inventory of $17,400. The cost of goods sold for this company is:

Beginning Direct Materials $26,000
Ending Direct Materials $33,000
Beginning Goods in Process $55,000
Ending Goods in Process $60,000
Beginning Finished Goods $77,000
Ending Finished Goods $67,000
Cost of Goods Sold for the period $550,000
Sales revenues for the period $1,235,000
Operating expenses for the period $201,000

Calculate gross profit for the period in question.

Canon Company accumulated the following account information for the year:

Beginning raw materials inventory $5,500
Indirect materials cost 2,400
Indirect labor cost 4,200
Maintenance of factory equipment 3,100
Direct labor cost 7,600

Using the above information, total factory overhead costs would be

A company has an overhead application rate of 141% of direct labor costs. How much overhead would be allocated to a job if it required total labor costing $21,000?

The M&N Company's production costs for August are: direct labor, $13,000; indirect labor, $5,600; direct materials, $14,400; property taxes on production equipment, $800; heat, lights and power, $1,400; and insurance on plant and equipment, $300. M&N Company's factory overhead incurred for August is

A company's prime costs total $3,300,000 and its conversion costs total $7,300,000. If direct materials are $1,700,000 and factory overhead is $5,700,000, then direct labor is:


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