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Hi, Ive worked for Google in California for 5 months on C2C

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I've worked for Google in California for 5 months on C2C basis using my Nevada S-Corp. Do I have to register my S-Corp as foreign corporation with state of California in order to pay personal taxes?

Thank you



If you are working in CA, the tax is sourced there, even though your company is registered to NV, so you'll end up with an apportionment (allocating income/deductions between the two states).


General info:


Filing Guidelines

  • S corporations that organize in California, register in California, conduct business in California, or receive California source income, must file California Form 100S, California S Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return.


Here are the forms:


Get the 100S Tax Booklet for S corporations, including all its forms, schedules, and instructions.

Forms and schedules




Thank you for your question.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for your answer.
Could you clarify about my W2 - should I create 2 W2s - one for each state? or 1 W2 and list 2 states there.
Also can I uses nonresident form when I file taxes in CA and part-resident for CT?

Thank you

The important part is that you withhold in each state as applicable...


I've personally seen W2's with two states (they have extra lines on them, and this is more common) or two W2's (payroll companies seem to like this...). That part really doesn't matter, as it is all the same in the end, just so that all amounts get reported correctly. Don't issue two W2's to the federal government, one for each state, as you'll make the feds think that the employee has received 2x the wages...


Your residency is determined by your permanent home. It is what it is. Your taxes are then calculated accordingly. A person's residency is ultimately determined according to personal facts and circumstances, for each applicable government potentially under audit etc., so file according to what your residence actually is. (general rule, your permanent residence is the place you plan to return to long-term, not a temporary work assignment)


Thanks again.

Edited by BK-CPA on 6/6/2010 at 12:57 AM EST
I edited my answer after you had looked at it for the residency part, and I'm not sure if you saw the residency info, so I'm posting this info-request. You've no need to respond unless you've need for more clarification. I'm happy to help you in that case.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you,
can i be non-resident in both states?
Yes (nonresident of CA and NV, assuming a CT resident).
BK-CPA and 5 other Tax Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
sorry, figured out myself
please, close this one.