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My emoloyer recieved a notice of garnishment about 2 months

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My emoloyer recieved a notice of garnishment about 2 months ago. I negotiated with the state Tax board, and they gave me a release for that garnishment because I setup a payment plan with them. I forwarded that release to me employer, but in the mean time their payroll company has failed to make the proper payments out of my payroll check to the tax board. Now the Tax Board wants to garnish 25% of my gross pay. What can I do?

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If an additional balance accrues on a delinquent account, the CA FTB may issue another garnishment. If they issue a garnishment in error, they will release it as soon as they verify the error.

Call(NNN) NNN-NNNNso they can analyze your account. You will be able to explain what happened in regard to your employer.

It is illegal for a company not to comply, and the FTB may hold the employer personally responsible for the tax debt if they do not comply.

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