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Crissa is employed as a full time high school teacher. The

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Crissa is employed as a full – time high school teacher. The school district where she works recently instituted a policy requiring all of its teachers to start working on a master’s degree. Pursuant to this new rule, Crissa spent most of the summer of 2008 taking graduate courses at a out –of- town university. Her expenses are as follows:
Tuition; $ 4,200
Books and course material; $850.00
Lodging; $1,100
Meals; $1,800
Laundry and Dry Cleaning; $120
Campus Parking; $200
In addition, Crissa drove her personal automobile 1,600 miles in connection with the education. She uses the automatic mileage method.
a) How much, if any, of these expenses might qualify as deductions for AGI?
b) How much, if any, of these expenses might qualify as deductions from AGI?



If Crissa is lodging somewhere in the area she is going to college, where is she driving? From her hotel to the school?

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My text book does not give that information just that she attending in out-of-town unversity but I GUESS MAYBE SHE STAYING IN THAT TOWN FOR THE WEEK MAYBE DRIVING back home on weekends. Sorry I gave you all the information I was given.



If you don't have additional information, it is most likely the mileage is legitimate and you can use it.


The answer to your question about for AGI or from AGI is from. Deductions for AGI are taking into consideration to calculate what the AGI is. A few of them are:


Certain moving expenses;

One-half of self-employment tax;

Penalties on early withdrawal of savings;

Tuition and fees deduction,

Alimony paid;

Deduction for contribution to an (IRA); and

Student loan interest deduction.


Deductions from AGI are Itemized Deductions, listed on a Schedule A. Her education expenses qualify as "business related education", as defined in Pub. 970 ( If you look in the Business Deduction for Work-Related Education, you will see she meets those qualifications. Therefore, her expenses are listed on a Schedule A.


As far as what is deductible, I would say everything. You will need to note two things.

1. 50% of what you spend on meals is deductible, so her meal deduction would be $550, not $1,100.

2. Mileage is calculated using the business mileage rate. For tax year 2009, the rate is 55 cents. The dollar amount on her mileage deduction is $880.


Please let me know if I can assist you further.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
so by my question part a the expenses that be qualified deduction for AGI would be the tuition the rest would fall under deduction from AGI.

I apologize for not clarifying earlier.


None are deductible for AGI. The tuition is considered a business related expense so it is listed as an itemized deduction, a "from AGI" deduction. All of the expenses are "from AGI" deductions.

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