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Do I have to show disability income on 1040? Do I have to

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Do I have to show disability income on 1040?
Do I have to show VA disability on 1040?
I do not have 1099's for this income, so should I just show income that is taxable.

Hello wizard,


You would not have received a 1099 form from the VA if your VA disability is totally non taxable. But you should have received a 1099-SSA form from Social Security, even though the benefits may not be subject to tax.


When you received SS benefits, you are only allowed to have a certain amount of other income before part of your SS may be also taxable. So you do need to enter the amount of your SS benefits on your tax return. There is a worksheet which needs to be completed to determine if any of the SS disability benefits you received would be subject to tax.


If you do not have the form 1099-SSA, you will need to call the SSA and request that a duplicate copy be sent to you as you will need to report his on your tax return, even if it ends up that none of the benefits are subject to tax.


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Thank you wizard





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is the amount of VA Disability (tax free) considered other income for reduction of SS?

Hello wizard,


Your SS benefits would not actually be reduced. It's just that part of them may possibly be subject to tax if you have too much income from other sources. But the income from your VA disability would not be taken in to consideration for that purpose since that is non taxable income.


SS would only look at other taxable income that you receive, such as income from a part time job, interest, dividends or other investment income. They do also include non taxable interest you may have received. But you would not include your VA disability benefits.



Thank you wizard



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have another question. I receive CRSC payment anuity from Army retirement along with my VA disability. I tried to obtain a 1099R from my Army retirement and received a reply that I did not have one. Is this CRSC amount taxable?

Hello wizard,


Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) is not taxable income and does not need to be reported on your tax return. You should not receive a 1099 form for this pay and you do not need to report this on your return.



Thank you wizard



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