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even though my husbans employer didnt show both states taxes

Resolved Question:

even though my husband's employer didnt show both states taxes on his w2, he worked in ma office for 186 days of the year and at the va office for 48 days of the year. he is regional manager for both offices. to futher complicate things we live in nh. no state taxes in nh, but we do file ma state tax allotting he only worked in ma 186 days in 2009. do we have to file va state tax for the 48 days of the year he worked at the va office? va state tax form doesnt let you allocate how many days you worked in that state like mass does though so how do they calculate how much taxes your should pay?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Stephen G. replied 7 years ago.


Have you looked at VA Form 763? VA makes a specific allocation of wages between VA

wages & non Virginia wages on page 2 of the form.


The form & specific instructions are available at


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i found the instructions and the 763 income tax va form for 2009


since in 2010 my husband will be traveling even more to the va branch office, would it be to our best interest if his employer took both ma and va taxes out during the year.




Expert:  Stephen G. replied 7 years ago.


Yes, in the circumstances that would make things easier for you & you wouldn't have to worry about meeting any estimated tax payment requirements for the income not subject to withholding.


Hope this helps.............

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