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I am a US citizen. I worked for Club Med (A French Company),

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I am a US citizen. I worked for Club Med (A French Company), in Mexico. what do I need to do to file my taxes? What I would like to figure out is this. My husband worked for Club Med for 7 years - in several different countries. (Turks & Caicos Islands, Kemir,Turkey & Ixtapa, Mexico) He did not file a tax return during the years he worked and lived in the various countries. Club Med villages in other countries do not provide any W2 or that type of tax paperwork to us.

I contacted Club Med Corporate HR - I have a letter that states we were employed by club med and the dates. As for earnings - I was told the individual Club Med resort villages in the individual countires keep the records of salary earned. I have e-mailed each village to receive a copy of our contract which states the salary we earned while there. (waiting to receive that).

Now we are home, live and work in the US, married and will apply for a mortgage. I want to be sure he has filed taxes if he needed to. The amount earned is not much - maybe $10-$15,000/year total at most.

How do we know if he owes taxes? how much? what do we do to file back taxes if necessary? etc.... thanks!


Thank you fore using Just Answer.

If you did not receive W2s for the work you performed aboard (most do not since a W2 is strictly a US document) you can simply fill in a Substitute W2 for each year and employer. This can be printed from the IRS website. The substitute will allow you to show the information needed about your work and income.

Starting with tax year 2006, the foreign earned income exclusion is adjusted each year for inflation by the Internal Revenue Service.

The amount allowable for exclusion for the years you were aboard are listed below:

  • Tax year 2009: $91,400
  • Tax year 2008: $87,600
  • Tax year 2007: $85,700
  • Tax year 2006: $82,400
  • Tax years 2002-2005: $80,000
  • To prepare a return for each year you will need a 1040 Form, Sub W2, and the Form 2555.

    You can get all these at the IRS.GOV site.

    I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX information is helpful,

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    Customer: replied 7 years ago.

    This is veyr helpful. Thanks so much. one follow-up. The "SUB W2" forms.... is there actually a form called SUBSTITUTE W2? or do I just print a W2 form from each year.


    I assume if he did not file those years, even if exempt (made much less then the amounts you indicated) we still fill in and file the forms? one for each year? Will there be a late fee or any repercussions filing several years at once?

    Thanks - just want to do everything correctly.

    There is a Substitute W2.