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I recently amended my 2008 Tax return via forms 1040X and 5405

Customer Question

I recently amended my 2008 Tax return via forms 1040X and 5405 for the first time home buyer credit for a house my wife and I purchased 04/01/2009. We filled out everything correctly and sent a copy of the HUD1 settlement contract and after several months went buy we found out this attempt had caused the IRS to inquire our situation. We finally got a reply today Jan 31 2010 from the paperwork we sumbited for the credit back in 7/30/2009. The IRS said that they are Disallowing all items, and that the reason for the Disallowance is included on form 886-A which we didnt recieve a copy of. Just two forms were included 2297 (Waiver) and Form (3363).
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Merlo replied 7 years ago.

Hello baywatch,


The forms 2297 and 3363 which you received are basically asking you to agree with the decision that was made to disallow the refund requested.


You would really need to see the Form 886-A they refer to which gives the reason that your claim is being disallowed, as without that information it would be impossible for us to tell you your next steps here. You need to call the IRS and tell them the form 886-A was not included with the correspondence you received and request that they send you another copy of that form. The representative you speak with may be able to tell you what is on the form 886-A, but you still need to get a copy to see for sure just why this credit is being disallowed.


Thank you baywatch