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I am an outside sales person and want to know what I can right

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I am an outside sales person and want to know what I can write off for my mileage. I drive my personal vehicle an average of 30,000 miles striclty for business purposes. The company does provide a gas card, yet that is the only reimbursement that I recieve. I do have detailed mileage reports that I keep as well. Am I entitled to write any of this mileage off?

Hello crfrider,


Do you work for this company as a regular employee or do you work for them as an independent contractor?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am an employee of the company

Hello again crfrider,


You may claim a mileage deduction for the business use of your personal vehicle, but the amount of your deduction must be reduced by any reimbursement you received from the company for part of those same expenses.


The 2009 allowed mileage rate is 55 cents per mile. So if you drove 30,000 business miles, you would claim expenses of $16,500. That 55 cents per mile allowance is meant to cover ALL costs of operating your vehicle, including gas, oil, maintenance, repairs and depreciation. So since basically you did not pay for the fuel, you will have to reduce the amount of your deductions by the amount charged to the company credit car for fuel.


Hopefully you kept copies of all those receipts, or can get them from the company, as you will need these in figuring your allowed deductions.


Unreimbursed employee business expenses are claimed on Form 2106. Your net expenses will then transfer over to Schedule A as part of your itemized deductions. Deductions in this category are limited to those which exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income.


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Thank you crfrider



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