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I am USA citizen and have lived over seas for 16 years. I didnt

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I am USA citizen and have lived over seas for 16 years. I didn't realize I had to file taxes until about 8 years ago. I was so scared that I've been putting it off an off. Now I want to return to the States. I never made over 80K USD a year. What do I need to do to resolve this problem. I am currently residing in Thailand. Should I file a tax return before returning to the States. I plan to return in 2 months. I don't think I will owe any taxes...
The traditional procedure for making a voluntary disclosure is the “quiet disclosure” – to mail the delinquent return with payment for tax and interest. Such returns are rarely selected for audit and civil penalties may be avoided altogether.

If you meet the income exclusion amount for the past three years then you should have not taxes due and, as interest and penalties are computed on balance due amounts, you should have no additional amounts due. I say the past three years because the IRS will ask for any additional information on prior years if they want to know. At that time you can file the years in question and the same will be applied.

Maximum Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Amounts by Year
•Tax year 2009: $91,400
•Tax year 2008: $87,600
•Tax year 2007: $85,700
•Tax year 2006: $82,400
Tax years 2002-2005: $80,000
•Tax year 2001: $78,000
•Tax year 2000: $76,000
•Tax year 1999: $74,000
•Tax year 1998: $72,000

File the tax returns as soon as possible.

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