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Sandi Hargrove, SkyHawks
Sandi Hargrove, SkyHawks, Master Tax Advisor, Enrolled Agent
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How to find out if an ex claimed a child on taxes?

Resolved Question:

How do I find out if my ex-husband and wife claimed my son as a dependent on their 2008 taxes?

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Sandi Hargrove, SkyHawks replied 7 years ago.

You may get information from only your own tax return. Even married couples who do not file jointly are not allowed to receive information from the other spouse's return.

You should file your return as it is legal for you to do even if another person DID claim the child which is rightfully your dependent. IRS will review both returns when this happens and only one claim will be honored. Any refund will need to be repaid to IRS if that taxpayer's claim is not valid. Penalty and interest may also accrue from the due date of the return until it is repaid. Earned Income Credit may also be subject to limitations for the false return which could affect that taxpayer for up to 10 years.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I know you can only view your own return. This has nothing to do with my return. My concern is this - the stepmother filed my son's taxes fraudulently, claiming him as a dependent on their return as to benefit them, thus son was not given the correct deduction thus not getting correct refund. He was told by the stepmother that she E-filed them for him and he was getting a certain amount of money back for a refund. We have asked for a copy of his taxes and they seem to have "disappeared". I know we will have to get them from the IRS. Is it possible to look them up online since they were filed online?

Expert:  Sandi Hargrove, SkyHawks replied 7 years ago.

IRS does not have the information available to view the return.

Your son can go to and click on the link for "where's my refund". He will need the filing status and amount that he was told was his refund. If the amount is not correct, he will be denied that option.

He can also go to his local IRS office to view the transcript (figures but no actual return) with an agent.

He can send Form 4506 to IRS with a fee of 36.00 (may have increased) to get a copy of his filed return. Form 4506T will give him a free transcript of the figures for the return.

One important fact is that HE must have signed the return and not anyone else. To file his return without his signature can be categorized as a felony. IRS is very interested if this is the case and they will pursue it quite actively at no cost to your son.

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