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when you arecollecting SSA, what is the minimum icome you can

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when you arecollecting SSA, what is the minimum icome you can earn by your working? or by boyh you and your spouse?
When you collect SS before your full retirement age, there is only a certain amount you can earn before your benefits are reduced.

Once you reach full retirement age, your other earnings do not reduce your benefits, but they could be high enough where your SS benefits could be partially taxable.

Which situation is it that you are referring to?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am referring to SSA, disability, before retirement age, spouse is unemplyeed also, but living together filling joint tax returns. But we are thiking renting our house and moving in with relative, and collect the income from the property, times are so hard now it is our way aout to be able to survive.
Hello again alis,

When you are collecting SS Disability payments, you may have up to $970 per month in earned income without losing your disability benefits.

However, rental income is not EARNED income. Earned income is pay you receive from a job or from self employment for services you perform as a contractor. Income from rental activities or investment income such as interest and dividends never has any affect on the amount of SS Disability benefits you receive, no matter how much you receive.

Even though you are on disability, the SSA encourages people who receive disability benefits to try and return to the work force if they can. Because of that, they would allow you to have earned income of up to $970 per month, and your disability benefits would not be affected. So if you are able to get a part time job and you do not earn more than $970 a month, you would still receive your full disability benefits. And in addition to that, you can have as much rental income as you can get and it will have no affect on your benefits.

Also, your wife returning to work will have no affect on your SS disability benefits. The only thing at all that would cause you to lose your disability benefits is if you had EARNED income of more than $970 per month. And that only applies to you and not to your wife's earned income.

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Thank you alis.

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