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I work part-time at a small hotel in Los Angeles. Since March

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I work part-time at a small hotel in Los Angeles. Since March 15, after the owner received his withholding tax tables for 2009, the entire staff, including myself, have noted that our withholding tax on our paychecks had increased. As a result, I and other part-time employees have been taking home about $30 less per bi-weekly paycheck. Full time employees are taking home approximately $70 less per paycheck. We are incredulous however, in that it had been our understanding that with the Stimulus Bill passed this year in Congress, that withholding tax would be *decreased* not increased, so that we'd be getting paychecks approximately $30 more each bi-weekly pay date. We have brought this to the attention of the owner, who is insisting that he is using the appropriate tax tables for 2009 and that he's taking out what it shows. Is this possibly correct, or are we right to assume something's amiss owing to what the Stimulus Bill is meant to achieve? Thank you very much, XXXXX XXXXX
Hello and thanks you for using Just Answer. Is your employer withholding more federal income tax from your wages or other employment tax (social security tax, medicare tax, state income tax)?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for getting back to me. My employer is withholding more federal income tax than other employment taxes.

You should have less federal income tax withheld from your wages as a result of the changes made to the federal income tax withholding tables. You should keeps all pay stubs for the year and match the total federal income tax withheld from the pay stubs with your 2009 W-2 federal withholding. You can read more about the changes in the withholding tables at,,id=204447,00.html.

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