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Wendy Reed
Wendy Reed, Enrolled Agent
Category: Tax
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How to get another W-2 form?

Customer Question

I lost my W-2 form, how can I get a new one?

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Wendy Reed replied 8 years ago.

The best way to get a copy of your W-2 form is from your employer. They are allowed to charge a small fee . If this is not possible the following choices are available:

The following topic info is from the IRS website:

Topic 159 - Prior Year(s) Form W-2 (How to Get a Copy of)

The IRS does not retain actual copies of Form W-2 (PDF) except as an attachment to your tax return, years. However, the IRS maintains (and will provide free of charge) Form W-2 information purpose past ten processing years. The only way to get a copy of your Form W-2 from IRS is to order a copy of the entire return onForm 4506 (PDF), Request of Tax Return, and pay a fee of $39.00 per tax year.

The Social Security Administration will provide copies of Forms W-2 purposes at no charge and than retirement purposes fee of $37.00 per tax year.

Call 1-800-829-3676, or visit the IRS web site at to obtain Form 4506, Request of Tax Return, or Form 4506-T (PDF), Request of Tax Return, to order the information from the IRS.

Call 1-800-772-1213, write, or visit the SSA web site at to obtain the information from the SSA. The address to write is SSA, Division of Earnings Records Operations, PO Box 33003, Baltimore, MD 21290 – 3003 You will need your Social Security Number (SSN), name as shown on your Social Security card, and different name you may have had on your Form W-2, your complete mailing address, day-time phone number, years requested, and reason request. If ordering copies -retirement purposes, include the $37.00 fee.

Also, faster (and probably more expensive) service you may want to try a commercial service, such as:

Or, see if your employer participated in W-2 online service: