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I recently found my Oklahoma state income tax refund from 1999.

Customer Question

I recently found my Oklahoma state income tax refund from 1999. It is the original check that was misplaced in a move at that time. With it being the original check, it has the the date of issue, voucher number, etc. I called the Oklahoma state tax commission and they referred me to unclaimed refunds and neither area said they could help me.   I just submitted this question and had an immediate response for someone to answer. I apologize but I had to reboot my computer and start over. Can some one help me get my money back?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  MequonCPA replied 8 years ago.



Your first step should be to check whether the refund appears on the Oklahoma unclaimed property list. I have provided a link to the web page.


Is there any possibility that you notified the state of the lost check and a replacement was issued?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I contacted the Oklahoma state tax commission by phone and talked to a real person and not an automated system. They said they could not help me but to check with the department that you listed, in which I did. Again, I talked to a real person and not an automated system and they said it was not on their records but what they could tell me that another check was not issued. Go figure. So, I have gotten this far and that's when I thought there has got to be a loophole somewhere. I have not gone to the link. I have only done my leg work by phone. I don't know if that makes any difference. Do you by chance have any other ideas that might be helpful? Thank you very much for trying to help. Respectfully, Shelley
Expert:  MequonCPA replied 8 years ago.

Shelley -


You should confirm the information you received from the unclaimed property office by checking on the web site.


If the amount doesn't show up, you should write the tax commission, include a copy of the check and send the letter using certified or registered mail, making sure you get a receipt for proof of mailing. This way they will need to respond, but it may take awhile.

MequonCPA and 2 other Tax Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Thank you for your help. Having worked for a teaching hospital as a trauma nurse for several years, I am well acquainted with the government time frames. I will follow your instructions.


Again, thank you very much,





Expert:  MequonCPA replied 8 years ago.
Good luck!