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Greetings. I pick up mail on Saturdays at my PO Box at the

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Greetings. I pick up mail on Saturdays at my PO Box at the UPS store. Yesterday I found a card from a Revenue Agent dated 29 Oct asking that I call or visit immediately on the 31st, and he lists (3) back tax returns due. I have already sent correspondence back in Sept asking to file the (3) by Nov 17. I have received (1) acknowledgement letter so far accepting the date. And I continue to work on these routines. I faxed over the (3) letters and related corrrespondence Saturday afternoon that I sent responding to filing my returns with my requested due date.          Clearly there appears to be a communication problem between the Austin Center and the Office here in El Segundo.      I was also encouraged that RO had an email address on the card, but that does not work.       So my concern is: how do I interact with the RO, and what to say and not. And who fixes the communication problem?
Hello and thank you for using Just Answer. First, the IRS does not communicate with taxpayer by email. The best way to communicate with the Revenue Officer is by direct phone line to the RO office. I know that trying to call the IRS is time consuming but it is the best way to communicate with the IRS.   If you have any of the three back tax return completed you should sent the return by mail. Don't wait until you have all three returns completed before you sent to the IRS. Let the completed tax returns do the talking, say as little as possible to the RO.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I requested the date of November 17 as the returns are dependent on each -- I sent this by mail to the Austin office. There is one other return that I indicated could be complete sooner, but I have a lot of information to go through. As I get closer to the 17th I can certainly mail each.

My concern is that the RO will get in the middle and mess up my schedule and I don't want to write to Austin, TX. again. I am thinking I should call them to see if they acknowledge the 17th as a receipt date for the other (2) returns?

As to the RO, yes, I want to say as little as possible -- don't really see a need to talk anyway given what I faxed.   My specific concern, is this also an opportunity to collect personal information? I use the UPS store mailbox for a reason. I don't want anyone showing up unannounced. Do I have to give the PO my physical address or any other personal information?

I am viewing this as the usual communication mixup. Is the RO the one to resolve or do you recommend contacting Austin Center directly?
Do you think you will owe taxes on the past due tax returns?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No, I believe they will range from minimal to 2-3K a piece
Will you be getting a refund from the tax returns? Did you tax to the IRS the past due tax returns?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The refunds will be reported in the successive years. 2004, 2005. There is a refund to be reported on the 2006 return. I do not yet know the exact amount for 04 or 05. I do not yet know the impact of the refund on the 06 return.   As to payment, I will pay promptly and an addition to what I initially indicated. thank you.
If you are due a refund for 2004 the time have expired. For tax year 2005 you have until 15 April 2009 to receive a refund. You should inform the RO that refunds are due on the 2004, 2005, 2006 tax returns. The RO can show up at your home unannounced at any time for information on past due tax return so if you think you will not be able to meet the 17 November deadline you should call the RO to inform him you need more time to compete the tax return. Do not wait until the RO call you about the tax returns. It is also a good ideal to have receipts of all deductions you are going to take on the tax return. Sent a copy of the receipts with the tax returns.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
You have lots of good advice. I think we are focusing on the outskirts of the isssues. For example, should I contact the Austin Office to gain agreement on on acknowledgement of the Nov 17 deadlines for filing my back returns, and get a confirmation id for the conversatation?     And do I have to give the RO my home address vice the PO Box (UPS store) that I receive my mail?     I use this because there is too much lost mail where I live.   And if the RO decides to do some (real) detective work and shows up to my home unannounced, do I have to speak with that person --- assuming they do not have a warrant for search and entry?   

As to what you write about about refunds. I am more concerned that the returns are consistent data-wise. Because of extraordinary family medical issues, and business downturn, I have more than enough receipts in boxes.   Don't mean to drag this out or take advantage of you., this comes up so rarely that I have no knowledge of IRS "speak"
You wrote that you received acknowledgement of the November 17 deadlines request and if you think you will have the returns completed by 17 November you should not contact the IRS Austin Office. If you think you will not completed the returns by 17 November you should contact the RO that is working your case. You do not have to give the RO your address but the RO can find you home address by other means. If the RO show up at your home you do not have to talk to the RO. You never have to talk to the IRS but the IRS can assess past due taxes and penalty against you if you do not comply with their request for communication.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, I received (1) written acknowledgement out of (3) letters sent. I was concerned about the other (2) not acknowledged. However, I faxed copies of all letters to the RO. If you think this is sufficient, then I think I think this is just about what I need, thank you for your time. I will accept and pay on the next reply. Many thanks!
I would not worry about the other 2 letters not being acknowledged unless you will needs more time to complete the tax returns. If you will needs more time with the tax returns you should contact the RO by phone.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I get confused with this site at this stage. I would like to pay additional. Could you please advise?
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