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We live next door to a home that is not to code, no working

Resolved Question:

We live next door to a home that is not to code, no working septic, no working plumbing, the windows are broken out, the chimney is falling apart onto the driveway. The house is 40 feet or so from ours. The village we live in is refusing to condem the home because it is owned by Chase Bank and they feel they are too big to take to court. Is there a way to put our village taxes that were due in September in escrow? Meaning we pay into this escrow account showing good faith that we plan on paying our taxes but will not do so until some thing is done with this home?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Merlo replied 8 years ago.

Hello heidibb,


Unfortunately putting your taxes in escrow in effect has the same effect as not paying them at all, because the village has no access to the money.


It is an unfortunate situation and I can certaily understand your frustration, but it still does not relieve you of your personal tax liability. Your taxes are based on your personal property and are not a condition of the surrounding properties.


About the only thing you could really try at this point would be to:


1. Request a re-appraisal of your own property. Based on the fact that you have a home next to you which is in poor repair, that could very well also bring down the value of your own home and reduce your taxes.


2. Try filing a petition signed by others in your area to submit to your village council members. The fact that this home is owned by a big bank should have nothing to do with the fact that they are still reponsible for maintaining the property, and if enough people petition the village maybe something will get done.


But withholding tax payment would just put you in jeopardy of having a tax lien put on your home.


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Thank you.


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