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how do i find out if payment was applied

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how do i find out if payment was applied

Dear XXXXX_berg,


Can you confirm that you want to find out if your tax payments were applied to your account?



I now see the additioanl information.


Can you confirm my understanding.


That you had received a notice of owing taxes for 2004.


That you made a payment for those taxes, and the IRS still says you owe additional taxes, penalties and interest from that same year.


You indicate that you forwarded them a copy of the check making payment.


ALSO tell me this:


Was the words written on the check include 1040 2004?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i piad my taxes in 2004 i have sent the cashiers check to irs now i find out that they have leins on my home from this 2004 i have sent a copy of check to them still having promblethey have taking my return since then what can i do to resolve this
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no just my last name it has on the bake side uwho cased it and date this is a copy from bank





If you call them, or write to them on this particular issue, you will likely not be able to deal with this.


Here is what needs to be done.


1. Verify how much tax was actually due; that is confirm that the return was properly prepared and the actual amount due was what the IRS says.


2. It would be nice to reveiew all the correspondenced you received from the IRS including the first notice telling you that you still owed 2004 taxes. In otherwards, for me it is valuable knowing, three figures: how much total was owed. How much you paid, and how much the IRS says you owed.


3. It is best to have representation to help you with this issue. You can pay for it by hiring a competent CPA or Tax attorney; but the IRS and the Fed has provided you with free assistance to help with these kinds of issues.


In order to know which free assistance you qualify for I need to know your filing status and adjusted gross income.


NOTE: since you did not have your SS number and did nto have the year of the return indicated, there is a hight possibility that the check in fact was mis-applied.

Ed Johnson and other Tax Specialists are ready to help you



i see you already accepted,but we are not done yet.


There is a high possibility, as I said, that your payment was mis-applied because your check did not have sufficient identifying information. But, this can still be resolved. I can not guarantee that is the actual problem.


Because of your adjusted gross income, you would not be eligible for free tax payer legal assistance.


however you can take advantage of he tax payer advocates office nearest you. They get paid to help resolve these issues. this service is free.,,id=147464,00.html