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How can I find out if a tax form was filed in 1998 after my

Resolved Question:

How can I find out if a tax form was filed in 1998 after my grandmother's death? I have already received a response from a tax advocate that they cannot find it. I gave them a grantor id (SS#) and a trust id. The lawyer I met with said she cannot help me until I submit a request to the irs. She said the tax form 706 could have been filed under another #. The bank that held the trust cannot find a copy either. They were responsible for filing all her taxes and even composited a date of death evaluation. This is urgent. Please help me. Julie
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Anne replied 8 years ago.



Thank you for using justanswer. You would request a copy by filing form Form 4506 (Rev. January 2008)Request for Copy of Tax Return. There is a $39 fee that must be enclosed with your request.


As stated on the form, IRS normally only keeps records for 7 years, but the form also says it keeps some records for a longer period of time, and I think Form 706 is one of them.


You should only have to provide the federal copy, however, if you can't get a copy thru the IRS, then the next place to go would be to the state. Every state has different holding periods when it comes to keeping copies of the tax return, so if for some reason you can't get it from the IRS, then contacting the state your grandmother was living in would be the next step.


I hope this helps


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